Every Isuzu MU-X includes a network of safety features that operate automatically and independently, working tirelessly to protect you. Isuzu’s Intelligent Driver Assistance System◊ (IDAS) technology which encapsulates passive and active safety systems, is standard across every MU-X model. Using state-of-the-art sensors and multiple cameras, the MU-X constantly monitors your surrounding environment.


The MU-X is packed with built-in active safety features that keep you and your passengers safe by helping avoiding accidents.

Autonomous Emergency Braking Image

Autonomous Emergency Braking

If your MU-X detects a potential collision, emergency braking is applied automatically.

Forward Collision Warning Image

Forward Collision Warning

An audible warning sounds and red warning lights flash on the dashboard when an obstacle is detected in your path.

Post-Collision Brake Assist  Image

Post-Collision Brake Assist

In the event of an accident where the airbags are activated, Post-Collision Braking automatically uses the brakes to help bring the vehicle to a safe stop.

Turn Assist with AEB Image

Turn Assist with AEB

If your MU-X detects a potential collision during a turn, emergency braking is applied automatically.

Misacceleration Mitigation Image

Misacceleration Mitigation

In slow moving areas such as car parks, the stereo cameras determine whether the accelerator has been applied accidentally. Should a potential collision be detected, the accelerator is suppressed.

Trailer Sway Control (TSC)  Image

Trailer Sway Control (TSC)

Designed to recognise early signs of dangerous trailer sway, TSC automatically applies the brake on individual wheels, as well as reducing engine torque, to bring the trailer safely back under control.

Driver Attention Assist Image

Driver Attention Assist

Driver Attention Assist has been designed to identify signs of fatigue or inaccurate driving behaviour.

Rain Sensing Wipers Image

Rain Sensing Wipers

Standard across the range, the Automatic Rain Sensing Wipers automatically wipes the windshield when needed and varies the frequency of the wipe depending on the amount of rain detected.

Automatic High Beam Image

Automatic High Beam

Headlights automatically turn on when it is dark, such as at dusk or in underground car parks. During travel, the MU-X dims the high beams automatically to avoid dazzling other drivers.

Daytime Running LIghts: LED Image

Daytime Running LIghts: LED

Automatic Bi-LEDs illuminate farther and wider, turning on independently when the MU-X senses low-light conditions. They also feature LED Day Time Running Lights (DRLs) for extra visibility on the road during the day. Standard on all models.

Lane Driving Features

Lane Departure Prevention Image

Lane Departure Prevention

Lane Departure Prevention is activated if the vehicle is about to depart from the driver's lane. The system assists by steering the vehicle in the correct direction to help prevent lane departure.

Lane Departure Warning Image

Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning alerts the driver when the vehicle starts to drift out of the current lane.

Adaptive Cruise Control Image

Adaptive Cruise Control

Automatically adjusts your speed based on vehicles around you, with a Stop and Go functionality holding for up to 5 minutes when stopped.

Lane Keep Assist Image

Lane Keep Assist

The Lane Keep Assist (LKA) system is designed to detect road lane markings and assist steering operation by keeping your vehicle in its lane while Adaptive Cruise Control is engaged.

Emergency Lane Keeping Image

Emergency Lane Keeping

If there is danger of collision with vehicles approaching from behind in an adjacent lane, the vehicle will help avoid the collision by preventing lane departure.

Parking Safety Features

Front & Rear Parking Sensor Image

Front & Rear Parking Sensor

Provides instantaneous feedback regarding nearby obstacles at low speed on LS-T & LS-U models. (LS-M models have rear park assist sensors only)

Reversing Camera Image

Reversing Camera

The MU-X gives you eyes in the back of your head with a reversing camera and dynamic guide lines. Perfect for tricky parking situations, hitching a trailer or reversing out of a driveway.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert Image

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Monitors your surrounding area while reversing into traffic, providing visual and audible warnings should an object approach from the left or right.

Traffic Safety Features

Traffic Sign Recognition Image

Traffic Sign Recognition

The MU-X recognises traffic signs, displaying information such as speed limits in the Multi-Information Display on the dash for easy reference.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert Image

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Monitors your surrounding area while reversing into traffic, providing visual and audible warnings should an object approach from the left or right.

Blind Spot Monitor Image

Blind Spot Monitor

Provides a visual warning in your side mirrors when an obstacle is approaching in your blind spot.


While the MU-X does everything it can to avoid driving incidents, there's a range of built-in passive safety features just in case.



For ultimate protection, every MU-X comes with eight airbags including a centre airbag to protect front seat occupants in side-on collisions.



Every MU-X model is fitted with two ISOFIX in the second row seats. The additional three top tether points at the back of the second row seats allows for the option of mounting three child seats along the second row.

Anti-lock Brake System Image

Anti-lock Brake System

Anti-lock Braking Systems prevents the wheels of the vehicle locking during emergency braking, enabling steering control to be retained.



A large chassis rail cross-section provides exceptional impact energy absorption in the event of a frontal impact.



If you're unlucky and have an accident, or get stranded far from home, we've got your back. The MU-X comes with our Roadside Assistance Program< with up to 7 years of coverage for our eligible customers - help is only a call away from our motoring organisation partners.

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